Biographical Information

I graduated from Aristotle University Department of Psychology and I earned my Masters in Clinical Psychology from the University of Crete Department of Psychology. 
I was trained in Systemic Therapy which is a psychotherapeutic Approach.  
Furthermore, through workshops and training programs I have been trained in methods of other psychotherapeutic models such as Gestalt Therapy, clinical hypnotherapy and psychoanalysis and in specified issues such as depression, borderline personality disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, child abuse, crisis intervention, support of families with handicapped members, parenting skill programs, adults education etc.

Except for private practice I have also worked for almost 10 years as a psychologist with families, children, stuff, teachers, pupils and parents in psychosocial rehabilitation institutions and in educational institutions.
I am a member of The Pahellenic Psychological Association and a member of the Systemic Association of Northern Greece.
I deeply appreciate human experience and I respect human suffering, the inability to overcome the discrepancies embedded with life. I acknowledge and support the person’s abilities to overcome difficulties and creatively activate their recourses to promote change as well as their need for me to sit with them on their worst day.