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My name is Eleni Stavrou and I am a clinical psychologist. I offer professional psychotherapy and counseling services to individuals, groups, couples, adolescents and families. My office is located in Thessaloniki, Greece, at V. Olgas 140 street. I work with contemporary psychotherapeutic techniques aiming not only at the improvement of problem areas of my clients’ life but also at the development on their part of an attitude that seeks a more energetic formation of their life.

People that come for counselling and psychotherapy usually say, among other things, that they are at an impasse. They might, as well, have made the decision to leave behind chronic issues, that they have experienced as restraining and limiting for their lives. They seek for a different kind of perspective -which psychotherapy can offer -for their problems or for a more fulfilling life.

Therapy can have a significant impact, such as symptom relief, improvement of the capacity for conflict resolution, improvement of the ability for self-expression, creativity and self control. It also assists people making decisions in a more conscious and not automatic way.

You may read more on my education and the way I work, as well as the cost of therapy. You can also communicate with me by phone or email to arrange a meeting or any relevant clarification.


Eleni Stavrou
Clinical psychologist-Psychotherapist
V. Olgas 140
Τ.Κ.: 54645
Thessaloniki, Greece
Τηλ.: (+30) 6974 806201, (+30) 2310 869189
Ε-mail: info@elenistavrou.gr